ANW Strapping provides 2 types of Industrial Strapping:

  1. Steel Strapping
  2. Polyester Strapping

With over three decades of experience in the business, ANW Pte Ltd is a forefront runner in the load-securing and strapping industry.

In the strapping business, ANW can serve the needs and demands of our clients as we are versatile. Depending on application, our sales team and engineers will be able to identify the best industrial strap for your needs.

Ranging from regular-duty to heavy-duty strapping, we are dedicated to enhance your load-securing experience.  ANW Pte Ltd has ready stock of both steel strapping & polyester strapping. Constantly working round the clock to meet the needs of our customers, we aspire to provide the best service in the region in the load-securing industry.

ANW Pte Ltd is heartened to know that existing customers are more than satisfied with the service that we have been providing. We are interested to service the needs of new & interested customers who are willing to try out the range of strapping products and solutions that we provide. Being a leading regional distributor for strapping, ANW P/L is very interested to serve clients who want to secure their load in an efficient way.

For more information, please visit our official corporate website:

Feel free to drop us an email:

Alternatively, give us a call:

+65 67587117

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