SEALLESS STRAPPING TOOL. Made in Sweden. Legendary.


 The precision and functional design of the JK1219 makes it one of the best SEALLESS strapping tools. Tested and proven in the market for its reliability and durability, JK1219 is one of most recognised and accepted tool in the region for its steel strapping applications from steel strap size from 12mm to 19mm width. JK strap dispensers are ruggedly designed and built to help in the mobility of the steel strap coil weighing 50 kg. It helps to reduce fatigue and physical injury especially for older workers. The strap dispensers improved productivity and efficiency in the packing area or warehouse.

ANW PTE LTD is the exclusive distributor for JOSEF KIHLBERG

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Office: +65 6758 7117

Fax: +65 6758 6776

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