Logistics is simply defined as a process of organising something for its movement to somewhere; part of a supply chain that deals with the movement of goods, services, equipment which brings them up the value-chain. In other words, it increases the value of the product. In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, the usage of logistics has exceeded past records, because individuals are more interconnected around the world due to globalisation.

Corporate firms are also becoming more engaged in regional and global trade, which facilitates higher volume of sales for the products they are selling. However, one has to understand that the logistical supply chain is a broad industry which spans across a huge variety of services. From the fundamental boxing up of the product to the printing of labels which allows identification of the product type.

ANW Pte Ltd is fortunate to belong to the logistics business which particularly facilitates Industrial Firms with their packaging needs. There are three core services that ANW Pte Ltd provides: Strapping services, Marking services, Stapling services. These packaging solutions are useful to corporate firms who require load-securing due to the high value items they provide to their respective customers.

For prospective customers who are interested in our range of packaging solutions, do feel free to contact our helpful and friendly sales personnel who will be willing to assist.

Website: http://www.anw.com.sg

Office: +65 6758 7117

Fax: +65 6758 6776

For sales enquires: sales@anw.com.sg

For other enquires: anw.privatelimited@gmail.com

Huat ah!

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