ANW is a major distributor of Pneumatic stapler, air stapler, carton stapling and stapling machines in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Pneumatic staplers are well known for their high performance, easy handling and durability. Cartons of various shapes and sizes can be well stapled with the help of pneumatic stapler.

Our Pneumatic staplers, air stapler, carton stapling and stapling machines are corrosion resistance and durable keeping in view suitability of every industry.

ANW supply wide range of Pneumatic stapler machine, air stapler, carton stapling and stapling machines which are made up of fine quality material and are known for their reliability and long lasting service all across Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Air stapler is also very essential for various needs that are totally out of reach. They are in various forms and sizes only done in pneumatic manner. Carton staplers are very cost effective and complete a large number of boxes per day.

Singapore is well known for all kinds of machines that are well equipped and reliable. Singapore is good for shipping facilities.


Top stapling ā€“ for closing top flaps of carton boxes.
Choice of manual or pneumatic operated hand-held models.

Model c.561 uses wide crown staples (32mm) with leg length 15, 18 or 22mm.



Bottom and side stapling ā€“ for closing bottom flaps of carton boxes or fastening the edges or corners of box cover lids or bottom tray.

Choice of manual or pneumatic in foot operated.

Model B561 uses staples with 32mm crown width and between 15 and 18mm leg length.
Model F53 uses staples with 15mm crown width and between 12 and 15mm leg length.

Hand-held or portable, pneumatic operated for side and edge stapling ā€“ fastening of edges or corners in carton box lids or trays. Model JK20T779 uses staples with 12mm crown width and between 10 and 16mm leg length. Model JK35T590 uses staples with 24mm crown width and between 19mm and 32mm leg length.


Carton staplers and Pneumatic Staplers are hand held machines used to staple carton boxes or to drive staples into wood, plastic etc. Carton Staplers and Pneumatic staplers are used in many different applications, installations, in wiring purposes, packaging of materials, crafting purposes and many more. ANW Pte. Ltd is a leading stockiest and supplier in Malaysia of Carton Staplers and Pneumatic staplers with wide supply chain network in Malaysia.

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