ANW Pte Ltd has been a fore-front runner in the Industrial Marking business.

The following are some of the products we offer which will suit your needs if you are interested in purchasing Stencilling Marking Systems in your industrial operations.

ANW Pte Ltd has exclusive distributorship rights to sell Diagraph MSP products in Singapore and the South East Asian Region, including Malaysia and Indonesia.


Electronic stencil cutters for speed and accuracy.

Cut various sizes between ¼” (6mm) and 24″ (610mm) in alpha-numerics with unlimited length for shipment marks and identification signs, logos and symbols. Pre-set stencil information can be stored in memory for easy recall and repetitions for stencil cutting, if necessary.


Simple and easy to use manual stencil cutter with fixed and standard size of characters. Adjustable brass stencil and shipping symbols for economic and convenient reasons. Simple and easy to use.


Applicators with stencil inks for porous (absorbent) and non-porous (non-absorbent) surfaces. Marking is weather proof and suitable for out-door and open yard storage.

Hand roller with ink pad or marker pens suitable for all surfaces. It is simple and easy to use. Markings are indelible and weather resistant.

Aerosol stencil ink, blockout ink and industrial marker pens are simple, easy, fast and convenient to use.

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