Over the decades, ANW Pte Ltd has transformed from a leading distributor for international packaging brands to holistic & sought after packaging solutions provider in South East Asia. A stunning transformation of such a magnitude is attributed to ANW’s values which spurs us to take our client’s feedback very seriously.

With the feedback & information provided by our clients, our own team of engineers at ANW has developed different sets of robust packaging solutions to suit the different needs of the industry and this can only be achieved by being on the ground, meeting all the different groups within the industry and acutely observing industry trends.

ANW believes in 2 things regarding the packaging industry. First, ANW believes in creating the right market trends, which basically means being at the forefront of market innovation, giving you the most advanced and updated technology in packaging, to suit and meet the needs of our customers. Second, ANW believes market movement is organic and constantly moving, thus we also believe in following the right current trends to keep the company updated.

In the logistics sector, prospective clients who are interested in:

  • Steel Strapping
  • Polyester Strapping


Please feel free to drop us an email at sales@anw.com.sg

Alternatively, give us a call at +65 67587117

Our friendly sales team will be available to answer your queries.

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